Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Now this is more like it!!

Squash and green beans in full glory thanks to new foliar inline feeding system!! Thanks everyone for your support. So great to see the results of the changes. This means better yields per sf and more to offer and if yields surpass my numbers ... then prices will drop to you... I will always pass on the success to my great loyal customers! The new field will allow larger spacing for next summer's crops and that should increase yields too. Next years pet project are the bell peppers!! I want more. I have also scouted a spot for a new asparagus bed, needs a permanent deep bed and I think running parallel to the old greenhouse will be just perfect. It will be a quick and sweet crop as you know, but well worth the wait and of course you can always freeze it. Let me know your thoughts on okra and rhubarb. Rhubarb will require a permanent bed need to think this one over, but then again if it doesn't sell we can always plant more asparagus!! Moonstruck signing out :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Farms!!

Today brought a nice peaceful feeling as I watched two new farmers join us. It is easy to get caught up in the "negative" or just the ugly business sometimes, especially on a very tiring day, but then something happens to bring that peace of mind and the reminder of what this is all about. Spiritt Orchard (Steve) joined us and had the most beautiful plums!!! The excitement in his voice or any farmer for that matter is always contagious and we all do a great job of supporting each other even in the lowest of times. McCormick Farms (Betty) was there and had beautiful sweet grapes straight from the farm!! Betty I don't think will mind me saying, but she is up there in years and is trying to create something for her family in finding crops that she can grow on her farm. Her energy is so inspiring; I hope I have half her energy when I am her age and I will be thrilled!! I also want to put a special thank you out to the Bashaws for doing such a great job in keeping up with demand and providing great new product each week. Everyone was thrilled with the smoked turkey and to say they love the chicken is an understatement.

Thank you for supporting us... especially through my invoicing blunders, order filling blunders, failed crops, long waits in line and all our growing pains as we become what you deserve...great farmers selling great, farm fresh produce and meat to you and you in turn enriching your family's lives!! Thanks again!! Moonstruck signing off for the night!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Thinking Fall?

Takes time to learn how to always be thinking 90 days ahead, but I am getting the hang of it; now I just need 48 hours in a day and no computer break downs! I have the repetitive plantings of squash going and I need to do one more of green beans. Another row of potatoes went in with hopes of squeezing them in before the cold (they store great in the ground over winter here). Probably have to break down and do pole beans next year; produce a lot better, but more work!! Beets, carrots and green onions need to go in weekly. Swiss chard has to be constantly planted since a lot is going to seed in the heat, but I am keeping ahead (just barely) and the good news is I am still not caught up; there is still plenty of room to plant and the new field! For my loyal customers I put in the lettuce under some Agribon, but I am still worried it will be on the bitter side, just not sweet when grown in the heat, but we will see!! I promise to do plenty of taste testing :) More collards tomorrow and more French Breakfast radishes; they are doing great!! The cherry tomatoes are coming in... Sweet 100s, large red cherries, Yellow and a few Black are appearing!! Winter squash is coming in too... look for Delicata and Acorn. Best of all... looks like I will be making my salsa batches for the freezer this week... orders are slow and lots of tomatoes to be seen!!! Back to the fields....Moonstruck signing off!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tomato Worm Therapy

Well the birds are not doing their job so I had to "Step In" and boy did I. No better stress reliever than picking off tomato worms trying to take out your tomato plants and stomping them!!! Of course than I look over at my beautiful sunflowers (sorry no real picture - Meghan has the camera in Oregon), and there they are in all their majesty...only one problem they grew at the end of a row covered with Agribon row cover and busted right through!! Nothing like nature proving to you that no matter how under control you believe you have things.... nature always has the upper hand!! Thanks to the cooler temps I went ahead and planted some more Moonstruck Salad Mix under the "intact' Agribon row cover and with night time temps in the 60s I should have success. I have been underusing the Agribon due to the fact that the greenhouse is supposed to go over this area, but I figured I better get some more lettuce going for my loyal customers!! I tend to not put a emphasis on the lettuce because no matter what the conditions it is not as sweet as Fall/Winter and Spring lettuce, but here goes.... this has been a strange summer we are going to hit the low 80s again today at best :) The pruning of the slicing tomatoes has done a wonderful job and they are loaded down with big lush green tomatoes and thanks to the greenhouse going right over this area the plan is to try and have tomatoes through November!! Bashaws have followed through with their promise and there are plenty of whole, boneless/skinless breasts and leg/thigh chicken and a few turkeys (we are sending a few more to the smoker too!!) for purchase now and the last of the lamb for a while is going fast. Beef CSA boxes coming up for September 1st and their are a few Pork CSA boxes still available. Preorders for Thanksgiving turkeys going out soon too! Only about 100 and some will go to the smoker per your request!! Back to planting on this beautiful day... Moonstruck signing off!!