Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Farms!!

Today brought a nice peaceful feeling as I watched two new farmers join us. It is easy to get caught up in the "negative" or just the ugly business sometimes, especially on a very tiring day, but then something happens to bring that peace of mind and the reminder of what this is all about. Spiritt Orchard (Steve) joined us and had the most beautiful plums!!! The excitement in his voice or any farmer for that matter is always contagious and we all do a great job of supporting each other even in the lowest of times. McCormick Farms (Betty) was there and had beautiful sweet grapes straight from the farm!! Betty I don't think will mind me saying, but she is up there in years and is trying to create something for her family in finding crops that she can grow on her farm. Her energy is so inspiring; I hope I have half her energy when I am her age and I will be thrilled!! I also want to put a special thank you out to the Bashaws for doing such a great job in keeping up with demand and providing great new product each week. Everyone was thrilled with the smoked turkey and to say they love the chicken is an understatement.

Thank you for supporting us... especially through my invoicing blunders, order filling blunders, failed crops, long waits in line and all our growing pains as we become what you deserve...great farmers selling great, farm fresh produce and meat to you and you in turn enriching your family's lives!! Thanks again!! Moonstruck signing off for the night!!

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