Thursday, July 7, 2011


All the Moonstruck Farms CSA Farms are working hard, and plants and animals are growing by leaps and bounds including the turkeys!! The toms were 20-24 pounds….missed the mark, but the animals obviously have a mind of their own and beat all records this time around…I guess that is what clean living does!! If anyone would like a 20-24 pound turkey whole, cut in half or quartered please let me know…for cut I need to know by 9 am tomorrow…customers on the preorder list have first dibs and then anyone can order as you like. The hens are being harvested tomorrow and they will be smaller, but there are only 10 or so of those so if everyone on the list chooses for smaller I am afraid you will have to wait for the next batch. For any new customers we can smoke them too at $4.50/pound so please indicate three things:

1. whole, cut in half or quartered.
2. fresh or smoked.
3. delivery location.

By the way….my lemongrass was only 1 inch last week, and it is over a foot tall now!!! Wow humidity does really make things take off in the animal and plant divisions!!

Thank you for supporting your local small farmers!!

Moonstruck farms csa

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