Thursday, May 24, 2012

New ordering system!!

My daughter is the third from the left in the rear with her friends at graduation.  She has been friends with Jen on the far left since they were 3 years old when they met at the gym daycare.  This is just a little of what we did this week along with working on something that have been needing to get done for some time....a new online ordering system. 

We have been struggling with finding a new ordering system for a while and we finally found one!! Very affordable and will customize the site for us! Look for it coming in the next few weeks. You can even post a credit on the site of let's say $40.00 and just automatically deducts your order each week. I can invoice beef payments. You can order your chickens and pay for your deposits and then I can go in and add the proper weight and invoice accordingly!! I love it! Just will take some time to set up! Thank you for all your support. We would not be growing by these leaps and bounds without you!!

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