Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Heritage Pigs...So cute!!

We picked up a few Chester White pigs with a little Gloucestershire Old Spot in them from Dad and one looks like a Dalmatian!!  So adorable!!  This is a new breeder for us so we are feeding these out and offering the 40 lb. shares only on these just in case the weights don't come out where they should...better safe than sorry.  On the other hand this is another goal that we have met.  We promised our customers that we would eventually offer the smaller quarter shares for those not desiring as much pork, and for those who are worried about the curing process we will be offering "smoked" and "nonsmoked" shares trading the bacon and hams for boneless rolled roasts etc.  We appreciate your patience in this matter, but "floating" the feed bill for the four to five months is quite a task, and we had to wait until the bank account was ready for this endeavor.  Moonstruck runs on an all cash basis and thanks to you we are growing by leaps and bounds.  The account is always low, but that is because we are putting every penny back into the farm to increase the amount of farm fresh food we can supply and to eventually get to the point where we can hire permanent help!!  My teenagers are becoming young adults and my built in labor force will be flying the coop in just a few years and the truth is they are not able to help as much with their growing lives which include track, choir, new jobs and a full AP schedule.  Another chore was added today thanks to the heat we are experiencing, but this one is pure joy...spraying down pigs with a hose!!  The Berkshires are especially fun since they are black they enjoy it the most and they were spinning 360s, holding their mouths wide open, pointing their tail ends into the spray and rolling in the was pure happy pandemonium!!  The piglets only enjoy a little spray and so most of the water went into wetting the ground to provide a nice mud pit, which they happily rolled in again and again!!  The goats and the cows looked at me and said "Don't you dare point that thing at me!!"....definitely not of the same mindset as the pigs who need the water to cool their bodies.  I will have to get a picture of that spotted guy and post it as soon as he is a little more comfortable here and not racing 90 miles an hour around the pen when I am near!!  Hope this finds you relaxing in the shade enjoying a glass of lemonade!!!

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