Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A day in the life of a market gardener

I wake up sleepy in my bed still recovering from the nasty bug I caught the week of Christmas and the first thing that comes to mind is "remember to investigate further what is eating the broccolini and I wonder if McMurrays still has Black Australorps chicks", and off I go to make coffee with my mind already racing with what needs to be done this day including the mundane chores of laundry and cleaning toilets.  As I drink my coffee and look up those Australorps I am sitting here watching the clouds get thicker and thicker wishing for a beautiful layer of snow to irrigate my trees and praying that it happens without any broken water lines or loss of water to animals.  The laundry is going, the chicken is out defrosting for the stir fry, which will have carrots, bok choy and green onions from the garden, cabbage and broccoli from Angels Farm at market and green peppers from the garden freezer, and I make a note on my calendar to plant extra carrots so that we can freeze those next year too to make sure we don't run out of carrots like we did this year and to buy out Glencairn of his limes when in season so we don't have to try and wrestle a teaspoon out of a store lime again!!  Well, my coffee is done, and I have another project I am anxious to get started because as I was reading last night I came across this fantastic idea of three different"teenage" heads of lettuce in a box to sell at market.  I have always sold baby lettuce and cut leaf bags, but never full heads because they so much of the head is discarded.  Teenage lettuce is not baby but about 6-7 inches tall and still nice and tender and perfect for salad or sandwiches....I really like this idea, off to thinning lettuce! 

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