Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SNAKE!!!!!! All clear, Good Guy!

Tis the season to dance around screaming in the greenhouse, tis the season to jump over snakes in the greenhouse; tis the season to go water in the outside garden while they decide to leave the greenhouse ………… ahhhhhhhh!! See why I like winter gardening better . . . no sweat and no SNAKES!!!!!!!!! The reality is that when we moved in here 6 1/2 years ago it was here a rattler, there a rattler, another RATTLER! But not anymore, we killed the rattlers and left all the good guys alone and they are territorial so guess what; they are dominating and last year I only saw 1 rattler and I am hoping for Zero this year! Last year we even had a King snake; great guy to have around!! They do eat the mice remember!!
Even though they are doing their duty here, I don't like the idea of walking around them so I usually leave them to their business and they are just as scared of me, well kind of, and I come back later!!

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