Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lavender is Here

Last spring I took a trip to tour a few lavender farms to find out more. I brought home about 14 varieties of lavender and set them up on the front drive and on the hillside next to the pool. My dreams are big but they will take time to fruit, and this year I saw one more step come to life. After a whole year 8 varieties of the lavender took off; in just a few short weeks of Spring they went from grapefruit size plants to full size 2 feet in span plants. What a pleasant surprise that was. I will be doing the first lavender harvest this week hopefully. Dreaming of what I will do; a few flower arrangements, some ribboned sachets for closets, a few bundles for everyone to try some yummy recipes. Keep your eyes and your imagination wide open for lavender ideas and I will most likely have it with me this week at my deliveries. All these additions are in the hopes of creating a "tourable" farm for my customers and for the children of our community one day. Wish me luck; so far so good!


  1. The picture is so beautiful, I can practically smell the lavender.

  2. The picture is so beautiful, I can practically smell it over the internet.