Friday, June 11, 2010

Music and Mice

As I was lying in my nice hot bath after a long day, okay long month, on Thursday night I was suddenly awakened from my dreams by blaring music coming from outside. I went out to find the boom box I had put near the cherry tree blaring. A mouse must have done a race across the volume knob and turned it way up! At least it reminded me that I had left it on; not necessary at night to save my cherries. It reminded me of a gift my dear friend Judy gave me for my birthday, a statuette of an angel and the saying "One is nearer to God in the garden then anywhere else on earth". The mouse that night reminded me of all of that and the fact that my dear friend remembered one of things I have told her and that is "I feel closest to God in the garden and when I was pregnant with my three daughters". I thank him each time I am out there for all the blessings I have and I thank all of you out there once again for all your support.

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