Friday, November 12, 2010


While I helped Michael put the lumber on the greenhouse that is required to hold the rails that hold the plastic I asked the girls to work on repairing the hot wire that keeps our dogs home! Michael and I went in to get some lunch and he went downstairs but something caught my eye and I decided to sit in the dining room and watch my girls "work". In a 20 minute period Sierra managed to use the shovel for a microphone and a guitar and put on quite a dance show. Meghan in her frustration used the shovel to threaten to hit Sierra over the head and Amber while watching and laughing managed to lean on the shovel quite well! They were complaining that it is going to take them three weeks...more like three months or maybe end of Spring at this rate! Finally I noticed that the neighbor came to the fence to see what was happening....he thought one of his dogs were injured or worries... it was just Sierra doing her rendition of Opera Singing!!! Oh Lord give me strength!!!
In the meantime we are working hard around here to catch up. The new greenhouse is going up. A friend called and said he wants two sides of beef in exchange for a complete set of cattle fences and shelter!! Michael had just completed grading the new livestock about timing!! The old livestock area is being cleared for next year's greenhouse on that side of the property and the weather is absolutely beautiful. I just wish we were not mowing over most of my plants putting in the new greenhouse!! Farming is teaching me patience...something I was lacking!! I must admit every time I feel a little overwhelmed the Lord sends me a message that it will all get done in due friends offering cattle panels, Danny coming over and doing a lot more work than my girls or my husband creating miracles and putting a greenhouse up over an existing field! Off to drop Sierra at the football game where I am sure she will put on another show! Moonstruck signing off.

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  1. you know they have been working on that hill for so long that i think that more weeds are growing faster than they pick them!!!1