Thursday, April 14, 2011

Down one MP3 cord....

I keep saying..."Molly is just a consistent". Down a printer cord and now a MP3 cord...things are starting to get ugly...and she can't make up her mind if she wants to eat the chickens or herd them...after she gets in trouble for trying to eat them she herds them very effectively...."see Mom I can do it!!!" Boy is she kissing something....but then again that shows that the bond is there and it will work out. She kept whining on several occasions today and has done it on others...does not have to go potty, has plenty of food and water...and finally it dawned on me. I had not slowed sitting in a row planting or weeding. It was harvest day and I was on the move constantly...she wanted me to sit still so she did not have to try and keep was nap time!! She can't nap peacefully unless I am sitting at the desk or sitting in a row where she can keep half an eye open on me....we are both learning. I made a really simple dinner since it was harvest day and stuck it in the crockpot. Sometimes I feel guilty that I can do a better job with dinner and I am shorting my family, but then as I looked at the meal on the table I realized that we had a farm fresh healthy meal on the table...what more could I ask for. A Moonstruck Salad Mix plate and a bowl of navy beans and ham sweeten with a little molasses and brown sugar, homemade cornbread and a glass of milk. What more could you ask a good night's sleep. Moonstruck signing out.

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