Monday, February 6, 2012

Welcome Sieberts!

Moonstruck Farms CSA would like to welcome the Siebert Lamb Farm from the Lancaster area to our multi-farm CSA. By working together we are striving towards becoming a CSA to meet all our your local farm fresh product needs. The Sieberts have been in the lamb business for 30 plus years and raise Heritage Southdown and crosses of Suffolk and Hampshire; the combination of two great Heritage breeds. They are currently grass and grain fed, but only say the word and Nancee will put one aside for you to be grass fed only. The Sieberts raise most of their own hay/grass for their animals. At this moment there is one side left of lamb for purchase, and I do have someone who would like to split it with someone if you are interested (too much for this one person). There are more coming up very shortly so just let me know if you are interested....just drop me an email to

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