Sunday, July 11, 2010

Need that new field!!

Thank you all in advance who volunteered for the "Planting Day/BBQ" I will be announcing. I am still working on the date; have to decide exactly what is going in and what would be a good time. Right now I wish I had another 50 of these Delicata Squash planted; they are beautiful and a wonderful sweet winter squash and I would love to fill the co-op baskets with them next year in addition to the CSA customers so the new field is badly needed!! Today the family came out and helped me on a few much needed projects and it was so nice to watch the work fly by!! I added more herbs to the herb garden, planted some more lettuce, green beans, radishes, green onions and put in more winter squash, mulched, cleared another row for more green beans and two more rows will be available this week!! Learning the timing is probably the greatest challenge. First lesson I have learned; always have plants in trays waiting to go in the ground!! The website even got a little extra attention too! The thunderstorms cooled the weather slightly and made it overall a wonderful day to be outside. Thank you again for all your support; I am gaining skills by the day and it is wonderful to see the results in the fields!! Almost forgot the new batch of 35 chickens are starting to lay and egg supplies are slowly growing!!! Yeah, they will be in full production by the first of September!

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