Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tomato worms...maybe not :)

Unfortunately most gardeners are well-acquainted with the tomato worm. I have been seeing signs of damage and inspecting for the worms and I can't find them?? All I can think of is that those pesky birds that have been poking holes in all the Swiss Chard and Collards are finally earning their keep; they are eating them!! What a relief it is to be going along and not find those ravenous worms!! What a strange season too, I still can feel a coolness in the air today on 07/26/2010 coming off the mountains. The tomatoes are slowly but surely ripening but with well over 100 plants I should be swimming in tomatoes!! The squash is adequate, but not bumper loads like would expect and the greens are doing beautiful still though I have had trouble germinating lettuce and spinach due to the heat spells we did have. The Fall seed order is going in and there will be plenty of greens, beets, carrots and radishes!! Speaking of radishes... I have French Breakfast available this week.. go figure... they are still hotter than the winter radishes, but not bolting. Nice even watering and a raised bed and some milder weather and presto you have radishes!! Anaheim Chiles are coming in too...yum chiles and jalapenos make great burgers!! Check out the website for recipes!! Moonstruck signing off!!

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