Saturday, February 19, 2011

Anyone seen Toto!!

Well not the greatest picture, but the blurriness represents the scene from last night. I could have sworn I was turning into Dorothy!! We had microbursts at "I don't want to know mph" and I swore I saw a water spout and definitely heard one!! It started as soon as night fall happened, and continued until about midnight. The greenhouse is standing, and the wiggle wire all held!!! Though I am pretty sure it is leaning a little to the North now!! One poor chicken decided to hide when we closed up last night so she spent the night outdoors!! She is still soaked to the bone, but fine. I love those Buff Orpingtons they are great winter birds....don't like it when the temperatures get above 90 or so, but they are so hardy through the worse of she found out unfortunately last night!! It is freezing ears still hurt from checking on things and feeding so I am going to start some more trays inside until the "freeze" lifts out of the air and the greenhouses warms up a bit. Hopefully tonight will be a little quieter...sleep would be nice...Moonstruck signing off!

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