Sunday, February 6, 2011


To say the least I have had greenhouse fever...I don't even have a picture to post….not to mention Spring Fever since this is the beginning of my planting season. All storage was moved out of the greenhouse (my husband gave up more room in the garage), the garage was reorganized, and more planting was done in the new greenhouse. My tiller died so I went and borrowed a larger tiller from Tom and it did a great job…maybe too great a job!!

My husband warned me to be careful because when it was on smooth ground it would take off…boy did it!! There was all 140 pounds of me with my butt to the ground, and swinging that 140 pounds to one side every time it wanted to take off through the greenhouse wall or through my irrigation that was laid to one side!! I tilled the whole plot I was working on in circles!!! But I won!! Not by much of a margin…but I won!! Tomorrow I get to do another 400 sf!! Let’s hope I keep winning…but boy does it do a nice job on the soil!!! Moonstruck signing off to a really good night's sleep!!!

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