Wednesday, February 9, 2011

As you know the Popsicle marker system is not working so I am now charting my planting though as a market gardener and the constant replacement, which I am now catching up on it is very difficult to keep up! I knew that I planted Fun Jen Chinese Cabbage, but Fedco seeds does not always provide pictures and I am always trying new varieties so when this cabbage appeared and a customer questioned "but it is not a head of cabbage" I assumed I had a mix up and it must be a mustard due to its I was right the first time this is my Fun Jen Cabbage....loose leaf...I am now planting Michili which is a heading Chinese Cabbage and a Savoy, which will be a head cabbage...always learning around here at Moonstruck Farms!! I guess that is really my favorite part...always something more to learn and keep my interest around the corner...Mother Nature keeps me entertained at all times. I went into the coop to get eggs and the chickens were all excited...they have been on lock down for five days now...we have lost eight chickens due to a hawk discovering an easy hunting we are hoping by this weekend he will have lost interest....anyways in the craziness I caught one by surprise...she squawked and turned in a hurry and ran right into a pole of lumber and bounced off...probably does not sound really funny but it hit my funny bone and I have been giggling all day every time I picture it in my head....poor chicken....but I thanked her for the giggle!! Busy day starting trays of chervil, winter savory, summer savory, Fordhook Swiss Chard, Savoy and Michili cabbage and tomorrow squash, tomatoes and okra for the first time!! Moonstruck signing off!

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