Monday, February 7, 2011

Turkey already!!

I thought there would be this huge break in between turkey times....not so...we just processed the 60 pounders the other day it seems and now the Bashaws called and said "Summer Turkey Time - Start Preorders" here I am just dropping a note to everyone in between my flurry of planting in the new greenhouse. The summer turkeys are only raised to approximately 10-12 pounds and will be ready in mid June....fresh or smoked your choice....whole, cut in half or quartered...your choice. Perfect size for the grill or your fryer or your own personalized smoking!! Today I spent time fighting cut worms and small white moths (Soap spray and diacemateous earth should do the job -have not take time to identify just know they have to go)....this is due to the old greenhouse needing a major will be taken out of service a row at a time as soon as the new is up and running and will have 6 inches of compost added to its soil before being planting again along with my home made fertilizer consisting of alfalfa meal, bonemeal, gypsum, dolomitic lime and kelp meal. Lettuce is already germinating in the new greenhouse and soil temps are showing on the border of cool to warm crops...great indication that the new single layer is going to work just great...and the end is not covered yet!! Browsed the seed catalogs looking for more flower seed of the flowers that have succeeded in the greenhouse and will make great cut and dried flowers..and some edibles including nasturtiums and Bachelor buttons! Moonstruck signing off...good night all.

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