Saturday, April 17, 2010

After days of trials and frustrations, mainly with Honey pictured, including the eating of Swiss chard, roses, plastic bags, coffee filters, standing on chicken coops including the one that is 12 feet high, chasing chickens out of the coop, following me into the coop and standing on the lower set of nests to try and help me collect eggs by standing on the roosts and breaking them, sniffing my ears as I collect eggs causing me to almost drop them, scaring the chickens once again to leave me in a cloud of chicken dust I have finally made peace with her after inspecting a lot of plantings and doing more plantings and using the goat manure/alfalfa/straw for the mulch. The goat mulch is the best. It has retained the most moisture, does not blow away and piles up beautifully around leeks hopefully for nice long white stems. The soil under the goat mulch is not only beautifully moist and dark, but as the mulch breaks down it is nourishing it. Okay, maybe she can stay :)

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  1. a fellow goat (and llama, sheep, and camel) owner I feel your frustration. My two are always getting into things, including my roses!

    Good luck...great site, Kim