Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celery is something new I tried this year, and not bad!! My stalks are about half this size now (yes, I have not replaced my dead camera card reader yet). I have been enjoying munching on them along with a few snow peas, sorry I just can't help it!! Of course with the temperatures rising it will have to be shaded and I will say a prayer over it that it continues to do well. Next year it will go out in the new greenhouse with the retractable sides so heat will not be an issue until mid summer, but then again this is a crop that will be available through Fall and then again in the Spring. I look at what I am managing to do now and then picture another 100 feet (I only have 40 feet of greenhouse now) and with more time to manage it the possibilities are so fantastic!! I can't wait!! NRCS called to confirm that everything is on track, and that she needs my Organic System Plan sometime soon since I am registered under the Organic EQIP Program; so here goes!!! Thanks again for your support!!

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