Friday, April 30, 2010

Unexpected Operating Expense

Okay, not everything around here in operating expenses is purely seed and water; I do have another important expense; my MP3 Player. It carries me through the day with anything from classical to movie soundtracks to rock and lots of Country of course. It is the one time I can listen to anything I want to. Well, as I was running through cutting kale yesterday my cord to my MP3 player fell out of my pocket and the music went dead; yes I cut the cord. Oh well, a new set of headphones, but then in all the wind I was constantly using my jacket to protect the greens from flying and thus it went into the wash with the linens yesterday because of this; well I normally take off my ear phones/MP3 player as I come in because it is in my ears; this time it was still in my jacket. It is now drying out on my washer; hopefully to recover. :) Yes, I will be glad when the winds stop.

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