Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well as I sell out here quicker than I can blink I am planning, and so down goes the fence this week to add another 20x 80 area. I mentioned this to the NRCS (share of cost hoop house project where I currently have an application in for 20 x 100) and she said "Good, it will be farmed land, did you want to add hoop house?". I said "Yessssssss!!!!!" So now I have one 20 x 100 hoop house and one 20 x 80 hoop house pending approval!! In the meantime I will have more room for green onions and everything else that needs to go in the ground over the next 30 days. In the picture is the Piracicabo Broccoli. Broccoli is a costly per head crop, but if you grow this variety and sell this nonheading variety that simply stems out you have a wonderful multiple cutting broccoli with very sweet small heads perfect for steaming, salads and best of all dipping!!


  1. When the apocalypse hits, you know we're heading straight to your place!

  2. The guest room is always available for you!