Monday, March 22, 2010

New Hoop House Site

The new site will be 20 x 80 in addition to the first site of 20 x 100. I currently work out of 20 x 40 so you can imagine how much this will help. It will enable me to overwinter carrots and beets for continued harvest, expand all winter produce and summer produce will become that much more productive thanks to the protected environment. Green onions and Daikon radishes are going in first. Hopefully the rabbits will leave them alone otherwise the fence being moved will be the next endeavor. For those of you planning a little garden of your own Daikon radishes do an awesome job of breaking up the soil. Also a word to the wise if you are moving a pile of boards where a lizard is hiding from your dogs do not stand too close as you move the last hiding place board; the lizard will run up your pant leg to hide!! It must have been quite a sight as I shook my leg and prayed that he would fall out otherwise I would have been stripping out of my overalls for all to see. For those of you who have been here you know this point of the garden is prime viewing for all my neighbors!!

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