Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lettuce Choices

Winter Bibb, Revolution, Merlot, Speckled lettuce heads all well on there way. I love the varieties that I can grow since I only deliver a few miles away! These are all favorites of market gardeners across the country. I am fortunate to have a few online forums that I participate in that provide me with great advice from some of the biggest market gardeners in the country and many of them are starting to provide to our schools!! The Revolution, Merlot and Speckled are also in the gourmet lettuce this week. NRCS was out and measured for the second hoop house. I will be financing another 800 sf personally if the grant does not go through, but if it does than another 3,600 sf will be going in this year; that is a lot more produce and in the long run actually easier to manage with being able to plant larger quantities.

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