Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tomato Time!

Okay, I checked the temps, here goes, first tomatoes go out over the next few days, but not until I finish prepping the new area for inspection on Tuesday. A few raised beds and I will be done! Of course, you do know at some point I will be running out there to cover these tomatoes and say a prayer over them before the "unexpected freeze" hits; probably something like June 2nd?? Have to love Mother Nature she keeps you on your toes!! Spent some time networking too; definitely not my greatest strength!. Phil and Donna from Fanci Farms are coming in to help with produce and this is a great step for me; that is asking for help!! Val Halla Soaps are coming on board too with soaps and Pets Goat Milk. Thanks to Tom if he happens to see this for his great support with lots of good books and seeds and most of all encouragement!!

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