Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Snow Peas!!

One of my favorites from the garden!! Yes, I usually consume more than my fair share before they even make to the kitchen for washing so I apologize in advance for limited availability. Unfortunately the mice agree with me and ate all of the next planting before they even emerged! Obviously they are delicious in "germination" form, but replanting is easy at least with large pea seed and I did get even, I will leave out the details for you animal lovers.
Spinach is emerging outside even through the freezing temps outside, proof that Spring is in the air along with the Blue Jays!! Of course if you have been a High Desert resident for any length of time you are most aware of Spring by the wonderful breezes that come with it, yes, I am being facetious for those of you who have only joined recently. You can look forward to Fall when warm temps usually still prevail and the winds die down!!
Radishes are hardy too and are prevailing through the cold and even the first of carrots are showing outside. I can't wait for that second cold frame to go up, and yes a third is already in the plans. The herb garden is going to be completed this weekend with the arrival of my first Bay Laurel Tree unless they looked at our temps, very conscientious company, may delay mailing, even looked up our elevation!
100 Beefsteak tomatoes, 200 of various colored cherry tomatoes from Hawaiian White, Hawaiian Orange, Black Cherry, Supersweet 100s; 50 Roma, 50 Early Girl and 20 Heinz 1547 are all started and flourishing in the living room and dining room. 50 Jalapenos and 40 or Sweet Pepper along with Poblanos, Anaheim Chiles and Serrano chiles are moving along and ready to go to 4 inch pots. Oh, and don't forget the super sweet Grape tomatoes. Just waiting for the night temps to rise into the 40s! Tomorrow is harvest day, check in with you later.

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