Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Bok Choy!

A little busy today and did not have time to take the camera out...but here was the hit today at Phelan Farmers bok of my personal favorites too. I love the greens wilted in a stir fry along with the stalk that stays nice and crispy!! Definitely one of the first things I reach for when thinking stir fry. Moonstruck Salad Mix was a great seller too...more of the mesclun style lately with Mizuna and Broad Leaf Mustards in there along with the Arugula for some pizazz and the MUST BEs of baby Swiss Chard, Bulls Blood Baby Beet leaves, variety of lettuces and maybe some baby kales in for a change...changes every time by some degree depending on what is doing well in the greenhouse that week. Celery is coming up and has been an unexpected sweet surprise. Baby Kale Mix bags are another surprise....many are adding these to their salads for an even bigger punch of nutrients. Another customer said she buys the Salad Mix and then chops in a head of Romaine (going in the hydroponics experiment) to create a wonderful blend of flavors, and just adds tuna, salmon, egg salad...whatever the protein of the day is....this is the way I eat lunch usually so I can certainly appreciate it!! Chicken legs are selling due to the shortage of wings...but they are definitely more meat for your buck...if you think about it the wings are great, but you are paying for mostly bone by the pound even with the Bashaws nice and meaty wings. Pork is put off by a few weeks....Sam is not happy with the weight gain...wants to make sure the customers get plenty of pounds for their money when buying a side...a few beef farm share boxes left...lets us know if you are interested and lamb is on its way for Easter!! Some have asked for a ham for Easter...sorry we cannot sell a ham...only a side of pork via farm share, but you get to pick the cuts and we will divide it into four deliveries if you have no freezer...same with the beef. Well need to make it an early night...have to be at Conleys to pick up the new greenhouse plastic and get home before the shut the 15 down to one lane!! Moonstruck signing off.

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