Friday, January 28, 2011

King of the Hill, whoops mean Queen!!

Little Dipper and Honey were busy playing King, whoops, I mean Queen of the Hill as I went by with the camera. We bought them with the intentions of breeding and having goats milk around to make great cheese and ice cream!! Unfortunately due to the farm taking up so much time I have not been able to get them bred so they are just home entertainment now, but smiles are easy to come by with them around. Though I must admit they do add some headaches when they are running the property and eating all my rose bushes or nibbling on my husband's ear while he is working underneath the car...Honey really likes my husband :). We chose Nigerians because their milk is naturally homogenized thus it has higher butterfat hopefully creating great ice cream!! Nigerians produce approximately 2 quarts of milk a day versus a Nubian who produces approximately 3 quarts a day (popular milking goat), but they are smaller and more manageable. My daughter and I are not big people so Nigerians were a good choice for us not to mention they are just plain cute!! Little Dipper was named by my husband because he said she looks like an Oreo dipped in milk!! Long day today...great day at Tri Community Certified Market in Wrightwood, and then home to work on the greenhouse, and my sixth sense said "Cover it!!". It was not windy and I had a feeling with the weather forecasted for Sunday we were really going to start we went for it...just Michael, me and my daughter Sierra to begin with. I picked up Meghan at school and called Ann and her and Tom headed over just in time to help pull it over the hump. The Wiggle Wire is new to us, but so cool!! Hope it holds well....only time will tell. Thanks is covered....need to finish the ends. One end will be finished tomorrow and the other will take a little while...going to order a vinyl curtain to finish it....but I can start planting tomorrow so off to bed I go. Thinking of lots more Moonstruck Salad Mix, bok choy, radishes, sprouting broccoli...adding Endive, collards and anything else you think I might have missed...trying to fill in the blanks...let me know what you would like to see. Moonstruck signing off.

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