Friday, January 14, 2011

Boy are chickens funny!!

Okay, I did not have a chance to catch a photo of what I saw today...I keep forgetting my phone has a camera on it!! I came home from market and pulled in the driveway to see 99 chickens running to a bush where "One" chicken had found something good to eat...not 10 seconds later all 100 were running for the coop....a Jet had flown over and they were running like a coyote was on their tail!! I am sorry but I don't think there is anything funnier in the world than a chicken running!! You have to come and see what I am talking about!! It just makes me giggle every time!! The last two market days were another learning curve..Cornish Game Hens sold out...Baby Kale/Mustard and Baby Mustard Mix sold out....I put them in $1.00 bags to add to salads and some of them were eaten before they left market??? Go figure!! The conversations ranged from homemade prosciutto to chicken stock to feeding a couple for 5 meals on a 5 pound chicken!! You guys are awesome!!! I love our discussions and at the same time we are changing our world for the better...more nutritious pesticides...less gas consumption to transport our food...more delicious meals...real flavor...Kudos Everybody!!! You really are doing it....I truly believe something good comes out of something bad....and even in the worst of times with this terrible economy awesome changes are occurring!!! Thank you!!! Moonstruck signing off!!

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