Wednesday, January 5, 2011


What a beautiful week it was...white blanket of snow everywhere...about 8 inches here. Look on Facebook tomorrow and I will post a lot more pictures...pretty cool watching the stubborn onions, kales and collards peaking out under their blanket of insulation!! Mother Nature continues to amaze me each time I see her feats!! Sprouts were harvested this first and they were great. I will have just a few for sale this week. One line of hydroponics going in this experiment...wish me luck!! I am hoping this will solve the head lettuce issue soon! I should have been a MAD SCIENTIST!!! Well, maybe I least my husband thinks I have the "MAD" part down well...hehehehehe.. you can imagine I drive him absolutely nuts with all my experiments and projects with cooking, gardening etc. Wait until I tell him we are building the trash can enclosure this weekend...he will be soooo thrilled!!! Must improve the farm for those future school tours!!! Moonstruck signing off...for now!!

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