Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I love my job, but every once in a while I need a little when I saw this yard art I had to buy it...IMAGINE!! I love it...I think I will move it throughout the farm as I create each new greenhouse or retaining wall, etc. Today was a day I never did imagine, but it was a hoot!! A friend at church had an unfortunate accident just before Thanksgiving and was unable to process her turkeys. She finally had a chance to get them to us today and we processed them. She dropped them off and I looked at them and said "Ann those are not going to fit in the cones!!". Sam was at work, and we had some help inside with Tony and Tom, but it was just her and me outside....hmmm...well we processed the hens and that was not bad...I have done 30 plus pounders before...but then the Toms....well without going into detail let's just say it was very interesting and from our perspective absolutely hilarious!! We were laughing so hard that when it came to lifting the approx. 60 pound Toms up into the semi where the processing equipment is located we could barely do it...mainly because we were laughing so hard...Tony said "Stop laughing, you are losing all your strength".... so we laughed harder and 10 minutes later the 1st turkey was up there, and then #2. After that Tom threw the first two in the plucker like normal and stopped it dead!!! After switching the breaker we decided to do only ONE at a time. After it was all done we ended up with four beautiful turkeys....two that will have to go to pits for cooking or be cut in HALF! After such an eventful day I spent a little time with Quickbooks and found that I can send my invoices via Quickbooks email and do the accounting at the same time. These are the dry and boring lessons, but these are important steps in building the farm too...I really need to streamline the "business" part so I can spend more time outside doing what I need to do! Tomorrow is CSA Drop Point alias Phelan Farmers to bed I go. Moonstruck Signing off.

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